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Jiangsu EverShine Energy Technology CO., LTD (ESET) is the leading manufacture and integrated solution provider for solar tracking and racking system.
ESET has passed the ISO9001 certification and built strict quality control system to guarantee the product quality. There are totally about 40 CNC steel profile production lines, 6 tube production lines, 9 automatic hot-dip galvanizing production lines, and 19 roll forming production lines in ESET with the capactiy reaching about 30 GW per year, and 1 ZAM(Zinc-Aluminum-Magnetic) material production line(450,000 tons/year).
ESET has strong R&D team which has beed dedicating to the innovation of solar tracking technology. There are more than 100+ specialists, over 30% of which are doctorate or master’s degree, with 30+ various patents.
ESET has been dedicating to provide more reliable, more durable and more economical solar tracking solutions for all customers, from program design to manufacture, from delivery to on-site technical support.



  • CPP

  • CE

  • TUV62817

  • National Grid Corp of Phillipines

  • RETIE - Colombia

  • Republic of Iraq Ministry of Electricity

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 45001

Technical Strength
  • R&D Team

    ESET R&D team has more than 100+ specialists, over 30% of which are doctorate or master's degree, with 30+ various patents.

    It can carry on a series of tests from structure to electronic control system, involving wind engineering, mechanics, electricity, electronics, machinery, civil engineering, and artificial intelligence independently, etc. Meanwhile it has established close cooperation with authoritative wind engineering consulting institutes, laboratories, and certification institutes.

    • 30+

      technological innovation

  • Technical research

    • Synchronous multi-Point drive mechanism
    • Innovative torque tube for solar trackers
    • AI tracking technology
    • Comprehensive testing technology for solar trackers
    • Automatic layout technology of PV power station
    • Wind engineering technology
    • Strategy for bi-facial modules
    • 100+


  • Patent Wall

    A place to showcase innovative achievements and intellectual property. It presents abstracts and illustrations of patents, inventions, or ideas owned by companies or individuals. This area showcases our innovation capabilities and technological accumulation, and is a way for us to showcase intellectual property protection and innovation achievements.

220,000M2 Self-owned factories, 40 CNC steel profile production lines and 9 automatic hot-dip galvanizing production lines, with advanced equipments.
Newly built ZAM (Zinc-Aluminum-Magnetic) material production site (450,000 tons/year) realizing more complete industrial supply chain.

Factory Outside


Torque tube production line
Cold roll forming production lines
Structure Steel Production Lines
HDG Production Lines
Zn-Al-Mg Material Production Line

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