Fixed Tilt Solar Mounting System

    Fixed Solar mounting System is a structure form of fixing modules tilt, which cant be adjusted automatically according to the suns track.
    It is mainly used in the construction of large ground power stations in mountains, wasteland, Gobi desert, desert etc., with large capacity and high investment efficiency.
    – Single Post Solar Mounting System: suitable for quick installation and has better adaptability for any terrain.
    – Dual Post Solar Mounting System: has better structural stability.



  • Simple structure, safe and reliable
  • Easy to construct, low installing cost
  • Easy to expand, modular and quick design
  • Simple structure, cost-effective


Single Post Solar Mounting System Dual Post Solar Mounting System
Type Single Post Type Dual Post
Foundation Options Concrete, Ramming Pile Foundation Options Concrete, Ramming Pile, Screw Pile
Wind Speed Up to 83.3m/s Wind Speed Up to 83.3m/s
Snow Load ≤1.2KN/m2, customization Snow Load ≤1.2KN/m2, customization
Tilt 10°- 60°, customization Tilt 10°- 60°, customization

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