Fixed Adjustable Mounting System

    Fixed adjustable mounting structure can seasonally adjust following the solar elevation angle, adapt to direct solar angles in different dimensions and seasons, increasing the power generation and more economic benefits.



  • Multiple independent electric push rods, stablely adjusting driving force, and maintain locking force
  • The rotation angle of solar tracker is ± 60°
  • Simple structure, less wearing parts, low failure rate
  • Wireless signal, multiple independent push rods, synchronous adjustment, good angle adjustment consistency, high adjustment accuracy
  • One-button remote control, fast adjustment speed, 5MW/person/day


Basic Parameters  Modules and Arrangement
Tracking mode Single row independent system Module type Compatible with all kinds of module
Rotation range Determined by project Modules layout mode 2 Portrait (2P)
Driving Mode Linear actuator Operating Temperature -40°C-60°C
Max wind velocity As per project design
Slope adaptation ≤20%(S-N slope), Unlimited (E-W slope)

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