EXCEED 2P Solar Tracker

    EXCEED 2P solar Tracker is designed as horizontal individual single-axis tracking system with 2-in-potrait modules and multi-point synchronous slewing drivers. Compared with single-point drive, it significantly improve the installation capacity,and reduce foundations and steel cost effectively; More importantly, multi-point drive technology solves the problem of aerodynamic stability of the large chord shape under high wind speed, which makes the tracker more secure.



- Innovate unequal octagonal patent torque tube, optimum bending resistance and torsional resistance.
- Multi-point synchronous drive and lock, to improve the system stable and reliable.
- Scalable, flexible per string number.
- Patent bearing, running more smoothly.
- Lora wireless communication technology, long range, low power consumption, easy to networking.
- Using mobile APP debugging, equipped with Android and Apple systems, it can quickly debug the array;


Basic Parameters  Electronic Controller Datasheet
Tracking Type Horizontal single-axis tracker, independent row Control Algorithm Astronomical algorithms & Position sensor closed loop control
Module configuration 2 in portrait (2P) Tracking Accuracy ≤ 1°
Tracking Range ±60° Backtracking Intelligent algorithms for terrain adaptation
Drive Mode High accuracy slew gear, Single Point Communication Options LoRa / ZigBee / RS485
Module Strings / Tracker 2-6 strings avaliable Other Optional Modes Night Return / Snow Mode / Hailstone Mode
String Voltage (DC) 1000 V or 1500 V Backup power Lithium Battery backup when Powered by String or self powered
Foundation Options Ramming Post / Predrill + concrete pile / PHC Pile Flood Mode Horizontal stow position (Optional)
Structure Material Hot dipped galvanized / ZAM Snow Mode Max Tilt Angle(Optional)
Power Supply String (default) / Self / AC Cleaning Mode Configurable angle, convenient for Robot cleaning
Daily Power Consumption 0.05-0.08kWh/day/tracker Maintain Mode Configurable angle convenient
to maintain
Design Wind Speed Up to project condition Manual Mode Artificially control the target angle
Module Supported Compatible with all type of modules Protection grade IP65
Operation Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-40°C to 60°C Optional)
Slope adaptation ≤20%(S-N), Unlimit(E-W)


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