Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)

    ■ 261 kWh Outdoor Battery Cabinet


    • 314Ah cell, with maximum charge and discharge power reaching 137kW, 12% higher energy density vs. that of 233kWh cell, lower space occupation.
    • All in one design, suitable for integral transportation, realizing convenient installation, fast delivery, shorter construction period, and plug&play on site.
    • PACK grade perfluorohexanone fire protection, cabin aerosol, and pre-reserving water injection inlet.
    • Intelligent monitoring & early warning system, failure prediction & handling remotely

    ■ 5 MWh Conainerized Energy Storage


    • 314Ah cell, with maximum capacity reaching 5MWh for a 20FT Container, while 10% lower in total cost.
    • 37% higher energy density, 20% lower in transportation cost, 30% lower in space occupation, and 15% shorter in construction period.
    • Intelligent temperature control, with temperature difference<3℃ between PACKs and <5℃ inner system, EOL improving 10%, and auxiliary power consumption reducing 6%.
    • All-round safty design, intelligent battery preventive management, and linkage fire protection between PACKs tiers and the whole container.


  • Multilevel secure

-  Comprehensive system safety design

-  Intelligent battery prevention management

-  Pack rack+ container combined fire suppression system


  • Flexibility and efficiency

-  System is highly integrated and pre-installed, easy to install and expand

-  High efficiency liquid cooling

-  Small footprint, high energy density


  • AI Operation and Maintenance

-  Whole process AI O&M by 3S Fusion Technology

-  Intelligent health management for whole life cycle


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